Anderson Conrad, a strong new group out of Halifax, NS, formed in 
the early months of 2000. Started by Singer/Guitarists Rob Anderson 
and Trevor Conrad, the group is built on a strong foundation of 
powerful hooks and musicianship. Now featuring the solid rythm 
section of Drummer Evan Ferguson and Bassist Kris MacLellan, 
Anderson Conrad is well on it's way. Contact:

Fathom, With influences that range from straight ahead rock to hard driving 
metal, FATHOM is dedicated to exploring all of these influences and 
beyond. With current members Rob Andrews - Guitar & vocals, 
Sean Sawler - Bass, Mike Blois - Guitar, and Bob Thomas - Drums, 
FATHOM is more focused than ever. An independent CD is expected 
to be released in the summer of 2003. FATHOM can be found on the 
Web at or email at

Isolated is a power trio from Yarmouth, N.S. Following in the footsteps of the
great Yarmouth bands that came before them, Isolated combines driving 
beats and complicated time signatures with distorted riffs and haunting 
vocals. In their two year existence, the band has one cd and is currently 
working on material for another. Mark Thistle plays guitar and sings, 
Cole Jackson plays bass, and Matthew Gorman plays drums.

johnny renegade, Rock, soul, folk, and funk: johnny renegade has it all, 
blending various styles into one cohesive, unique, and innovative sound. The 
foursome was formed in Antigonish in February 2002, when Patrick, Dave, 
Adrian and Duncan, all with extensive musical backgrounds and very diverse 
influences, got together and realized that everything fit perfectly. With 
everything from laid-back grooves to driving rhythms, the band's unique 
tunes have consistently been getting enthusiastic crowds on the dance floor. 
Joint Highway Project, Now metro based, it's members all grew up in the 
same hometown of North Sydney, Cape Breton. A full length CD 'The Family Album'
is being completed for upcoming release through Nomadic Sasquatch Records.These 
two tracks: How long ? (andrea SOCAN 3:10 ) and (soon but not ) Yeti 
( dawe SOCAN 3:44) will not appear on that release and are only available, at this time,
on this compilation. For these recordings, the band consists of Chris Andrea - guitar
/bass/vocals/percussion: Bill Dawe -guitar/vocals/percussion ; Les Taylor - 
drums/percussion/vocals. contact:
Melting Penguin, And the battle begins. The struggle to get one collective
idea from five different sources is close to impossible. As of 2003, the five members: 
Justin Heisler (vocals), Adam MacPherson (lead guitar), Brian Shay (rhythm guitar), 
Ian Whalen (bass) and Jeremy Stewart (drums), fight to keep their individual concepts

Shift members Paula Danyluk and Kevin MacDonald are well known for
writing and arranging music for a multitude of artists. Their music mixes 
simple soulful melodies, energetic rhythms and deep grooves with a sharp 
sense of pop songwriting. Look for their full length CD to be released in 
summer 2003

Smack Dab is a punk/rock band based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
With the release of their first independent CD, 'Up For It' in September
'02 and nearly 500 copies sold to date, expect to hear a lot more from Jon, 
Patrick, Ray & Scott...
Soundproof A power Trio consisting of front man Chris Thibault (Guitar, Lead
Vocals) John Jornitz (Bass, Vocals) and Shawn Hopkins (Drums, Vocals). 
SOUNDPROOF, 10 years strong and still kick'n @ss, will be releasing their 
debut album late 2003 early 2004 through Denmark Productions. 
Stolen, Formed in November of 2001, Stolen is a high-energy Alternative Rock 
band. Based out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, James Stewart (Vocals), Trevor Creaser 
(Guitar), Ryan Keizer (Bass), and Matt Kidson (Drums), have created their own
sound filled with unique riffs, hooks, and powerful vocals. This four piece 
Alternative Rock band are guaranteed to turn your head, and get you moving. 
If you would like to contact Stolen check out their website @ www.stolenband